What needs lubing on the 07's

I have searched and cant find the specific details. I have heard that something must be lubed. Is it the main swingarm bolt, the shock linkage, etc. Specific details of the location and whats involved would be great. Thanks in advance.:applause:

All of the above, and more. Steering head bearing, front and rear axles,

linkage bearings, etc. The April 2007 Dirt Rider issue has a good article

called "Grease All Threads" that conveys some of this. Every bike I have

purchased in the last 20 years has come from the manufacturer with

very minimal grease - and some with NO grease! Make sure you check

your manual for torque-ing specs as well.

Here is a link to the ThumperFaq website where they talk about the linkage.


I am sure this tutorial will give you a good run through on the process of working on the linkage. I am going to attempt it myself this weekend.

I agree with Jams 99. My freind and I bought '07 Wr's and on stripping them down we found almost no grease. My swingarm bolts had no grease what so ever. It looks as if Yamaha are trying to save weight by using one pee size amount of grease for the whole bike.

Strip down you suspension (good to do when inserting AIS kit), front and rear axle and steering column bearings. Use a good quality waterproof grease. We used the Motul grease as it comes in a handy tube and not a tub. Dont be shy as you can clean the excess of once the parts are back together. Remember that you should re-grease your bike often if using high pressure washers or riding in wet conditions alot. I also spray some penetrating oil on the rear brake spring and foot peg springs.

The above takes a few hours, but will cut done on a large bill when the bearings collapse.

Good luck



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