07 yz 450 exhaust

What is the best exhaust system for this bike? I landed on someones foot peg of a jump yesterday and crunched her good ! I was thinking because of the price DR. D complete system of just maybe the FMF Mega Bomb header?

You'll get a recommendation for every pipe made, so with that said I'm going to say MRD. It is an awsome pipe that realy wakes up the sleeping dragon living in your YZF.

My brother rode my bike for the first time yesterday with the new pipe, and he expalined it " like the bike had astham before and now it breathes freely"

Also the headers are made uf SS so they are just about bullet proof, and if you do manage to destroy the exhaust MRD will fix it or replace it for free, try and find a warranty like that somewere else.

www.mrd-racing.com :applause::lol:

I run a MRD... Dave makes every one by hand.. The welds are like nothing you will find on any mass produced exhaust.. Its about 1 pound lighter then the TI. stocker and the profile of a 2 smoker silencer . a removable spark arrester and quiet insert are also available.

$399 shipped! how can you beat that!

Support the little guys..Don't feed the money monster!

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