New FMF Quiet Pipe

I've been running one for about 6 or 8 months.I like it ok it flatens out the mid range.but it gives more off the weights less than stock but it's long. Sound is good not as loud as uncorked stock pipe.

Robman, do you have the powerbomb header and the Q pipe or just the pipe? Just curious because I am seriously considering replacing my E-series with the Powerbomb and the Q pipe. Eric

No Boner I've only got the tail pipe. wish I had the powerbomb.

[ January 23, 2002: Message edited by: robman ]

Yeah, but are they really quiet, I've heard that they are a long way from being quiet and really expensive.. Now I don't want to stop anyone from making money but my WR426 with the stock pipe and a vortip in it hauls ass and is pretty darn quiet and the vortip costs $50.00 not $400.00..

Baja, Mexico resident in Winter, where they love noise, but I don't.. Speed here is only limited by your right hand!!


Have been running the FMF Q & Power Bomb header for a while now. I think this is an excellent combination really woke up my WR. I was really kind of surprised with the power increase I was just looking to quite it down some. I can't say it is much quieter but it sure dose run.

Has anyone tried the new FMF Quiet pipe that they have been advertising in Dirt Bike mag? They tested the pipe on the XR400, KTM400 and the DRZ400 but not the WR's. What's up with that? Aren't the WR's the loud ones that everyone is complaining about? So why didn't they try it on that? Because it's a race bike? Come on!

I wonder what the power/sound is like compared the an unplugged WR?

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