07 exhaust on 06.

I puchased a o7 exhaust with the step headear and installed it on my o6. I took the end cap off of the o6 and put it on the o7 and the bike is simply perferct. The new header lets it rev faster and gives it more snap. By using the 06 end cap it sounds and runs great all over the power band. I am wondering if anyone elso has done this. It feels better that my sons stock o7 and better than my friends 06 with a dr. D full exhaust.

im assuming your using stock exhausts and just mixing things up? who makes the step header. this sounds very interesting. please be a little bit more specific :applause:

The '07 header is a stepped header.

Yes, all the exhaust is factory yamaha. I simply used the o7 exhaust wich is steped and larger w/06 end cap that is not reduced in size.

Sounds like a pretty coool mod, pretty expensive if you went with a new header and silencer from yamaha, but still pretty cool.

I picked up the 07 system on ebay for $ 80.00. The guy bought a new bike and went for exhaust right away like alot of people do. You cannot get a slip on for this. I merely wanted a little more bottom like my son's 07. The endcap is much smaller on the 07 so I merely swaped it out and the results is fantastic. Just thought some other guys with 06/07 might be intersted in doing the same.

Thanks for the heads up :applause:

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