Tight intake valves? Mechanic in Los Angeles?

xr650r. My intake valves have been tightening about .01 every 500-600 miles for the last 7 adjustments. I've been told I should be considering a "valve job" "top end job"? I currently have 13K dirt miles on the bike.

Can anyone recommend a mechanic in Los Angeles for this kind of work?


bertz mega mall but keep in mind they will bend over over and they wont offer vasoline

Mine does the same and it has 19k, Precision Concepts in ElCajon or Temecula for the rebuild.

I also loose about .001" every 500-1000miles. My exhausts don't move much.

If you keep adjusting the valves, does this lead to engine failure? Do you loose power over time or does it lead to a broken valve when running?

I guess I'm wondering how worried I should be. The bike still starts easily and runs strong.

--- The XR650R intake valve is to soft and all bikes will have the

intake valves dish. Once the valve dishes past the hard face of the

valve face (hope that make s sense) the dishing increases much faster.

Going to Black dimond or other stainless steel Kimble White stainless

steel valve will fix this problem.

If the dishing is allowed to go to far the valve will tulip, some have dropped a valve seet because of this. I know of one bike that droped half a intake valve ootch. I had only 2K on my bike and rebiult the engine to a 680cc and the intake valves were dished, exhaust was fine.

Here is a picture off the Yahoo XR650R group


XR's ONLY(Hesperea) has a full machine shop.

does this all the time

Travis_37 has a shop in Pasadena and can do that type of work. He has done quite a bit of KTM heads and is currently working on my XR head. He is an honest guy, wont rip you off and will give great service to boot. I take all my stuff to him and cant say enough good things about him. He is also a member on this site so you can look him up that way. His shop's number is 888-252-2000.

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