Why does it seem like not very many people use steering dampers on their 650Ls? I just put a scotts on mine last week and it feels so much better at high speeds. I took it out yesterday and it feels like its riding on rails. No wobble or headshake, even at 75+ mph. It was pretty easy to install, no harder than the kit I put on my XR400.

I'd love to put one on, a lot of $ though. Did you use the under bar mount, did you need new bars, etc..

i put one on mine when i had only 100 miles on it, made a huge difference in high speed stability (i do alot of highway)... just converted to usd forks and am able to run alot lower setting on it but i still like the benefits the scotts damper give me :applause: oh yeah, mine was the top mount one, just had to tweak the crossbar a little for clearance but everything else worked just fine

It's the expense of it.

I used the standard bolt on kit. The bars are renthal cr high. I did have to remove a little material from the steering lock assembly, but it wasn't too hard. The trick was to make sure everything had clearance before you get it all back together.

I also had to trim the dipstick a little. Having a damper and an IMS 4 gallon tank makes it a little harder to get the dipstick threaded in, but still not bad.



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