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'93 DR650 stalling after waiting for stoplight

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I can open the throttle instantly and it revs right up.

It idles, runs at half and full throttle perfectly.

The problem is if I sit idlling, say at a one minute stoplight, it stalls as soon as I turn the throttle.

I can cheat this if I only open the throttle a teeny-tinny bit, get th engine to rev and then all is ok until the next light.

I cleaned the carb, the diaphram "looks ok" and the plug reads like it is jetted just right.

I'm about to go and buy a new diaphram...


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Thanks for the reply,

125 main

52.5 pilot, one turn out on the adjustment screw

Needle has no #'s on it, made of steel, six slots, clip in fourth slot from the top w/.5mm washer between needle and slide

using supertrapp ISD2 with six disks

NGK DPR9EA-9 spark plugs

Stock airbox, no modifications

Acerbis 6.5 gas tank

Living at 6,000', ride from 5,000' - 9,000'

Plug is a light shade of tan after riding home today. 45 degrees outside.


Bike had super loud (drilled Answer Products) exhuast with a 170 main and lots of drill holes in the air box. I'm looking for the best mileage I can get so I plugged the holes, got (what I though would be) a quiet exhuast and jetted the bike myself doing plug checks at closed, half and full throttle.

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Things I've tried so far:

raised the pilot needle one notch = no effect, returned it to orgininal position

run with pilot screw out two turns instead of one = no effect, returned it to one turn out

Should I try raising the gas level in the float bowl?

Thanks for any suggestions,


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will it idle with the fuel screw full in?

Yes, if I adjust the throttle stop to keep the revs up @ 1000rpm.

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