Frame Guards? XR650L

The paint on my frame is rubbing off from either my boots or my jeans. I would have expected that if I was wearing off road riding boots but the funny thing is that I don't even have riding boots yet, just hiking boots and steel toed work boots.

I've seen those triangle shaped frame guards that cover and protect the frame tubes. Does anyone here know where to get them?

I put a set of aluminum gaurds off of a XR600R on mine I just had to remove a little metal off the gaurd where the passenger peg brackets mount.


ive been looking for a set for my 650L also, seems most of the companys that made them for the 600R (whick would fit with minor mods) stopped making them . UFO still makes the plastic ones, they only come in white but its better than nothing. ill have a set as soon as theyre off backorder :applause:

I have an aluminum set on mine from Works Connection. I believe they still sell them.

Works connection here as well on the 650L tard.


I contacted Works Connection a few months ago, as I wanted a set of the frame gaurds for my XR650L & was told they no longer made them for the XR 600.

Works connection here as well on the 650L tard.


Thats trick!

I was really lucky and found a new set of acerbis plastic guards a couple of years ago. I'm pretty sure they quit making them.

UFO still makes plastic one, ive been told theyre on backorder til april 14th :applause:

Schedule 20 pvc pipe and some hoseclamps might work. :applause:

I have Works Connection guards on my 600, but I can't confirm nor deny if they make them anymore because I already have some and haven't been looking for new ones.

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