Wr 426 ?

I'm fresh to the WR world and have a few questions about my '02 WRF 426. I have looked at the newbie section on WR mods and most say 250f or 450f. I'm assuming that all the mods (airbox, grey wire, yz timing, exhaust, throttle stop) they apply to me as well?

When I bought the bike it had a FMF pipe on it, after taking it apart I found this on the inside and again assuming I don't need it?




Pictures no workie...and yes, all the "Free Mods" apply to your 02...except the 98-00 clutch fix...01s and 02s already have improvements.

I edited the pic hope they work.

Thanks for the input.

That's your spark arrester, I would leave it in unless you are riding on a closed course only.

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