How to R/R linkage bearings and seals

If you already have the swingarm off and the Link disconnected, Just spray down the bearings with either carb cleaner or brake parts cleaner. Once clean gently roll the needle bearings with your finger, if there is any resistance replace the bearing, if not user either water resistant White lithium or red molly and relube them in place by hand. If you find a bad bearing you will have to purchase the tool from

Kind of expensive at $99.00 but necessary to do the job of replacing the bearings right.

You can also buy a bearing kit and have your local dealer press them in....But I have found that having the tool pay's for it's self after the first use.

Bonzai :)

I too am interested in fitting a bunch of grease nipples to the bike at various points... headstem bearings, swing arm and linkages... Anyone done this and have some details/tips/photos... I recall that someones signature mentioned it, but forget who it was now... I think this could be a mod that a lot of people would like to do...


I searched the archives and couldn't find anything. I have the swingarm and linage off and am having some trouble with the seals and bearings in the linkage. I would really appreciate any tips/hints/shortcuts on removing those for cleaning/inspection/greasing. Also, I know some people are installing grease zerks on the linkage, can anyone provide me with exact locations? Thanks in advance.

To replace bearings I use my bench vise and sockets. Basically it is a press. Use a screwdriver to pop the seals out. Then use a socket that is slightly smaller than the linkage hole to puch the bearing out into a deep well socket that is slightly bigger than the opening. It takes a little bit of time to get everything lined up but they pop right out and go back in and I saved 100 bucks that I can use on gas to go riding.

I've installed grease fittings in the linkage and swingarm. My computer at home is down, but if you give me your address can send you the pictures. mike

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