2nd gear power wheeles on an L?

I just mounted an Edelbrock pumper on my 07 650l and took it for a test ride. It was great with one exception, I could not get a wheelie in second gear. During my test ride I noticed that it was still popping on decel and noted that that means a lean condition. I richend the bottom end and went for another test ride with the same results, no second gear power wheelie. I've read and read that people that put the pumper on their L that all it takes is blip of the throttle and the wheel come right up. I still have the stock 15/45 gearing, run a Uni and a Q2 muffler and the air box is vented. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance,, OZ.

Change your gearing to 14/48. It makes a huge difference.

Yeah the gearing helps, but with a pumper carb you should have no problem, are you sure you have the correct needle in there? you can search this subject I recall reading some info about needles and such, to get the fuel mixture right. My L still has the stock carb though its dave modded and similar air filter, box mods a full FMF pipe and 14/48 gearing and will do 3rd gear power wheelies to about 60 mph or so.:applause: and she has over 11000 miles on her!

Did it come up in second before the carb install? If not, then I wouldn't focus on the possiblity of a problem based of wheelying performance.

In my experience: one guy says his bike will wheelie in X gear no problem. Another guy says his identical bike won't. They switch bikes and find the same performance on the other guy's bike as they do on thier own. The point---->there's more rider technique involved than most of us realize. Subtle inputs that we don't even realize we're making can produce a big difference.


I had all the usual mods, open airbox w/jetting, Big Gun header & pipe, 14/48 gearing, and smog stuff removed......alittle better than stock, but not really for all the $$$ I spent. Then I bought a stage-1 kit from White Bros. Not the whole kit as I had alot of similar mods already, but the cam and high compression piston. I also had a machine shop clean up the head.

Wow! what a difference. You would not even believe what a difference. I could get enough folks to test ride. It ran great on pump gas, never ran too hot. I sold it to a friend to buy a new 525exc. He still rides it often and refuses to sell it back to me:confused: .

SOOOOO to answer you, no 2nd gear power wheelies UNTIL the cam, piston, etc... then no problem. :applause:

it does have alot to do with technique and the rider not just the bike, mine will come up in 2nd coming up my driveway which is a slight incline which of course helps. 14/48 on a the same slight incline and it was crazy! I am pretty sure when I install my new Xring chain that I will go back to 14/48 gearing, way more fun off road and still useable on the street.

What is the 14/48 gearing like at 70mph on the freeway? and can you use the same chain length, or do you need to add or remove links?

Hawk has a good point, did it lift before the carb swap? My '99 will lift the front in 2nd gear with 15/45 gearing & a little tug. Where in NY are you located?

Hawk, before I did all the mods I thought that the 650l was a dog. To answer your question no, in stock form it would not power wheelie in second gear. I was out riding yesterday and did get it to wheelie in second with a big yank on the bars and with the throttle pegged. I am leaning toward gearing it to 14/45 for some more grunt on the bottom end. I also am curious if it will be screaming at 65mph. I dont do a lot of freeway riding mostly on the state routes so it doesnt matter that much. Frankiewhipit, I live in the Thousand Island Region, in a little town called Clayton way up un the north west corner of the state. OZ

14/48 gearing is a bit buzzy at 70, but its not as bad as you would think, will still top out at about 95mph.

If your on highway more than 50% a 14/45-44 would be reccomended, for offroad though 14/48 is awesome!

You can get an RK x-ring chain, and JT chain wheels of your gearing choice for $90 on ebay from the seller dirtparts. They sent me exactly what I wanted, chain is first rate the sprockets are of good quality and steel so they last a long time.

my bike has a WB E2 exhaust (stock header), airbox mods, 14/45 gearing, and stock carby, only i spent a few dollars and had the bike dyno tuned.

my bike will lift the front wheel under power in 3rd gear! Before all the mods mentioned above it wouldnt lift in first gear (wouldnt pull the skin of custard)!

Having your bike dyno tuned wil make all the difference, especially since you have installed the new carby,

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