zirt fittings for steering bearings

Has any one tried drilling a small hole on the steering head and inserted a zirt fitting so you can grease the steering bearings with out having to take the steering stem out?:applause:

It's not practical. You would have to fill the entire steering head with grease in order to drive grease into the bearings that way. That also means that on the aluminum framed models you would need to block the holes where the top tube and down tube intersect the head tube so that you didn't have to fill the entire frame.

I was just wondering because a friend of mine I race with done it to his. I believe it was 04 yz450 and it had grease a fitting on it somewhere toward the top of the steering head. He said it would greeze the bottom bearings good but couldnt get none to the top. He also had one on the swing arm pivot somewhere so he could greeze the swing arm bearings.

Back in the day we used to do that to all our old Honda's. You could always tell who'd done the mod by all the grease dripped down the back side of the front fender. Don't recommend it though cause it takes about a whole tube of grease to fill the void, it adds weight, is messy and a major clean-up when it's time to change the bearings out.

Lest anyone believe this, bear in mind, there are two places that a grease fitting could be placed to be functional on a swing arm pivot on a YZ/YZF. One is on each of the two bearing eyes of the swing arm itself, with the grease port terminating between the bearings. Good luck keeping the fitting out of the way of the chain on the left side. The other is to plug both ends of the pivot bolt and put a grease fitting in one end, cross drill the bolt in two places aligning with the bearings, machine an annulus on the ID of the bearing sleeve between the two bearings and cross drill that. Then, you'd have to fill the swing arm pivot full of grease to get it to work. And, of course, none of that will grease any of the shock linkage.


FYI, it's ZERK. (Just so this thread can come up if someone searches for "zerk".)

FYI, it's ZERK. (Just so this thread can come up if someone searches for "zerk".)

I like to call 'em nipples. :applause:

If it would ahve been practical for Yamaha to add one, they most likely would have...

Remember, even new bikes have practally no grease. Yamaha and other companies really skimp on the grease. Even when new, it's always a good idea to regrease. If it's used, even if the owner said he did, it's definately a good idea to regrease.

Yamaha YZ's used to come with zerk fittings on the linkage - check out the old 1982 YZ's.... problem is, the grease forcing out harmed the soft seals and that caused a binding problem in itself. There was a company back in the day that made them for all the then current model MX bikes and they were the rage....... for about one season! LOL

It's a great idea, I wish they'd find a way to make it work well. It'd be nice to just "lube up" your bike's linkage, swingarm, steering stem etc...


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