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Another DRZ jet request

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2005 DR-Z400S, K & N air filter, 3 X 3 air box mod, 15/45 sprockets. I'm about to install FMF Powerbomb + Ti4 17" FIM muffler + spark arrestor + quiet core insert, and a JD jet kit.

I live in Texas and ride from sea level to about 1000 ft. My bike is my main transport and I ride mostly on the street (commuter). Temps here range from about 35 F up to about 105 F (when wimps use A/C). I'm hoping the pipe setup I chose is not too horribly loud.

Eddie, please advise on:

main jet size

needle (blue or red) and clip position

pilot jet size (stock or 25 in kit)

fuel screw turns (stock screw)

I'm asking the expert because I've never tore into a bike carb before, and am hoping to get the needle and jet sizes right on the first try. No big deal to tweak fuel / idle screws, but I'd rather not crack it open three or four times to get it right. Thanks so much for your help. This site rocks!

elmer s

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its been covered many time before but im going to throw you a bone.

160 main jet

jd blue needle

clip 4

25 pilot jet

2.75 turns fuel screw

intake hole exactly 3x3.

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