Environmental movement having problems?

This is a good short read if you like to follow what is going on in the eco-wacko world. Here is a teaser to try to get you to read it:

"When he was mayor of Palm Springs, California, Sonny Bono told how police apprehended environmental activists sneaking an 'endangered' desert tortoise into an under-construction housing subdivision they wanted to stop."

Check it out at:


Nice job picking up on this, Ron. If we bring up the subject once in a while to those who make decisions, it can only help expose these extremists for what they are.


Thanks Ron! Good read. :) Paul

It would be great if someone were able to locate for reprint of a few years ago (5?) greenies gathered up and constructin workers brought in tortises into a holding pen while construction of a project was underway. To make a long story short, it turns out they (and volenteers)

collected hundreds instead of perhaps a dozen or so in 1 sq mile. This raised a few eyebrows on how rare are these. Then in the middle of relocating these animals the ones in pen started dying off. It tuns out being confined so close together that a respitory infection spread to all of them and they had to be destroyed, not to mention the fact of infection spreading from released tortises to the rest of the population in the wild.


Thanks Ron!

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