HELP!! Can suspension springs (front&rear) from an '06yz450f fit on an '01yz250!!

Can suspension springs (front&rear) from an '06yz450f fit on an '01yz250!! I am a little bit on teh heavy side(230) with gear and my '01 yz250's suspension is soft for me by quite a bit. the front springs are .40 and the rear is 4.6...MxTech recomends .51 fronts and 5.6 rear!! My cousin got his front and rear suspension done by enzo and has no use for his stock front and rear springs which his stock spring are, front-.48 and the it would work pretty well, but What my main question is, is would the '06 yz450f's STOCK front and rear spring fit on an '01 yz250?? And how hard is front fork spring replacing, we've dont the rear spring before but is the front forks difficult or able to be done at home at all??? I would really appreciate many reply's thanks..



Yes and no. The shock spring will fit but the fork springs will not.

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