00' XR600 jetting,(pipe, filter)

I've searched the threads and can't find what i'm looking for. I have a 2000

XR600 with a supertrapp slip on and a uni filter, snorkel removed, and ride at about 800-900 feet elevation. It was stock when i got it. Can anyone get me close, ballpark, on jet sizes and needle settings?

Thanks guys

pilot 68

main 155

needle 3rd clip

I'll give it a try, thanks!

pilot 68

main 155

needle 3rd clip

Get your self a 158 main too. My 600 needs the 158 at elevations below 2000 feet and the temperatures are low. 3rd clip should be right, but you can try raising the needle one position too.

Mine runs best on a 158 as well.

Thanks guys, i picked up a 155 and a 158 todya but had to order the 68 pilot, should know by next week how she's gonna run. I'll post back the results.

I just installed the 158 last night along with a 68"S" pilot. This is on a '93 XR600R. I can tell you that you will immediately notice a drastic improvement in part throttle driveability, tip-in, & on top-end.. Heck, I don't know that there is a downside to it! Enjoy!

Just thought i'd ask, but what pipe's are you guys running?

I have a supertrapp slip-on with 8 discs, and it's actually quite quiet. I'm assuming i'll need 12 or more to open it up properly?

I'm running the FMF Q2 with stock header. Nice deep tone without being too loud. :applause:

Well, the jets worked, i went from a 62 pilot to a 68, and a 152 main to a 158 and it picked up power all over. Thanks guys!!!

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