cam assembly lubes

I'm going to be fitting a YZ cam into a '03 WR,will i need to put assembly lube on the new cam? or can i just oil it and fire it up?

The reason i ask this is when i put cams in my car,i rang a tuner to ask the same question and his answer was "if the cams are from japan (car is a skyline) no need for lube but if using aussie or other then must use moly type."

The cams were from japan,like a yz one and the car has been runnning hard for

over a year now.

The manuals never talk about lube other than oil.They do mention making sure that the lifters stay matched up with their corresponding cam lobes so if this is a used cam Id want the old lifters. Hopefully its all new so there will be no problems.

moly grease

It's a new cam that i'll be fitting.what worries me is will moly grease effect the clutch?

moly grease. no issues with clutch when I did mine

It's a new cam that i'll be fitting.what worries me is will moly grease effect the clutch?

This will be debated but I will not use moly grease inside any engine that does not have separate oil for the trans/clutch. The moly will reach the clutch and too much WILL coat the clutch plates to the point of slippage and then the inevitable replacement. Redline makes a synthetic break in lube that I use and have seen no downside to it.:applause::lol: :lol:

I have heard from many a engine builder that all they use is whatever oil they will be running in the engine for lube. You are taking a chance when using any moly lube internal to the engine that you will contaminate the clutch. I have done several engine mods and each time I used engine oil. No problems. Hope this helps


No Moly lube. Regular assembly lube. That's what all of the camshaft mfgrs recommend, as does Yamaha, I believe. STP works fine as well.

Torco and Redline both have assembly lubes that are desinged for exactly that and work very well without causing any issues to the clutch. There are different types of moly and the type which they use has no effect on clutches but will reduce wear extremely.

I'v found a NULON and WORTH assembly lubes in the garage and none of them

says anything about moly on them. Do you think they will be ok?

No Moly lube. Regular assembly lube. That's what all of the camshaft mfgrs recommend, as does Yamaha, I believe. STP works fine as well.

i'm all dorked up. Assembly lube is what i used NOT MOLY

I have always used a thin coating of ATF. VERY high lubrication properties. Then when starting, crank the engine over long enough to build oil pressure this holding the kill switch.

The owners manual shows where yamaha recommends moly oil. A little bit won't hurt the clutch. Make sure you put assembly lube or moly on the cam cap screw threads. It makes a huge difference when torquing with a torque wrench.

ok i will,thanks for all the info.:applause:

For all you guys who said "Assembly lube, not moly" was the assembly lube black? The black is from the moly. Most assembly lube has moly in it.

Hmmm, my Yamaha manual says to use moly lube. So I did and no problems yet.

I'm also getting a HOTCAMS exhaust cam for my wr400 and the installation check list says "DO use plenty of assembly lube during assembly,like big extreme pressure concentrate,CRC C/V joint grease,or lube tech extreme pressure concentrate ,making sure all parts are thoroughly coated"

C/V grease is black and full of moly grease? so is this ok,not that im going to use C/V grease.Its assembly lube for me all the way.

Yes. Always lube up the cam/head journals, cam cap journals, cam lobes and bucket faces with moly based assembly lube when installing a new cam. The assembly lube (grease) will dissolve completely once the motor oil starts circulating through the head and will not harm the engine during break-in. Without the grease, your new cam will go through several hundred rotations before it will see any sustained lubrication. Any motor oil you hand apply during assembly, will get slung off the rotating parts very quickly and only provide marginal lubrication during that critical initial run in when the engine first fires up.

I've never had a problem using CRC Engine Assembly Lube with Moly-Graphite most car part shops carry it.

Good luck.

Is there a way to prime the oiling system like you can do on auto engines?

Assembly lube usually does have moly. There are different types of moly, some effect clutches some don't. The amount either way will be minimal and not enough effect your clutch. It will however reduce the friction and wear.

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