Apple Valley Ca. to Laughlin Nev.

Me and my crew would like to ride from my house to laughlin. Thinking of doing it on the Mojave road route. Anyone know where we can detour to fuel on the way? Don't want to carry gas on the bike.


Glenn, The best place to get gas would be Ludlow!! It's about half way. I've never left from Apple Valley but you should have no problem. When are you going to Laughlin???? I'll be there Feb 8,9,10 to race the US hare scrambles. BTW I've done the Laughlin ride 10 times, You should try hooking up with us sometime.

Im going riding this Sunday if you're interested. :D:)

Thanks Dan, I appreciate the info. Don't know when i'm riding to Laughlin but it'll be a winter ride for sure. Can't ride this weekend, got my son's snowboard jones to take care of and many things to do. Good luck at the race!


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