1st Ride On My XR600R... Some Ramblings

I was finally able to ride the bike that I bought several weeks back. I have noticed a couple of things:

After riding for a while if you shut the bike down for a break, fuel starts running out of the carb over-flow line. I assume this may mean I need to adjust the floats?

Also, when hot, it is somewhat difficult to re-start. I tried the normal routine of kicking it over several times with the compression release in, then bringing it to TDC and a little past again using the compress. Release, and then kciking it with all of my might. That worked half of the time. What I found was imminently easier was to kick it in rapid succession a total of 3 times. The key is to hold the compression release in for the first 2 kicks, and then release it at the top of the 3rd kick regardless of where TDC is.. This worked flawlessly.

We went riding in Katy, TX. Specifically, we were riding behind the movie theater off of I-10 at 99/Grand Parkway.

I don't know if the bike is uncorked yet or not. I know the spark arrestor has been removed, but I have not been able to inspect the air-box yet, nor the jetting. I do plan on checking these things this week.

In the interim, my riding buddy just bought a Yamaha Raptor 660 just so we could ride together. He is already talking about racing.. Should I be worried?

I have a Hot Cams stage 1 cam ready to go in. I also have a jetting kit, and am planning on purchasing an after market exhaust pretty soon.

I will probably have the cylinder off this week to replace valve guide seals, piston & rings, and the cam. Anything else I can do while I am in there to boost performance?

Laslty, does anyone know of any decent places to ride that are trail oriented? I have heard about Cross Creek, Cedar Creek, and Skull Creek-but I don't know where any of these places are.. Any ideas? Not interested in jumps, or an MX track, just some good trail riding that will keep me occupied for several hours. It would be even better if they were close to the Houston or surrounding areas...


a carb will help with the starting and cure your fuel problem the 600 has lots of power to be had

Gas running out of the vent line indicates that the float valve is shot or the float is sticking. If this is the case, the carb is overflowing gas into the intake and causing the hard starting. Pull the carb off, disassemble and clean it, check the float level and the float valve for damage/crud.

Will have the carb off this week. I already have a new 68S pilot jet for it, and both a 155 & 158 main jet to try out. I also purchased in advance a keyster carb kit that has the seals, gaskets, o-rings, float valve, and some other items in it. I will refresh everything that came in the kit when I have the carb down.

I will reply back to let everyone know of my before & after experiences.

sounds like carb problems. rebuild the carb first, put it back on and run it BEFORE you rebuild the motor.

don't worry about racing the raptor, your 600 will suck it down the carb and spit it out the tail pipe......

The leaking fuel is either due to a needle valve that is shot, or by crud that gets in there and keeps the valve from closing. My experience is that it is usually crud. Take a good look at the tank and if there is any crud, drain it and try to clean it. If the problem continues, put a small filter in between the tank and the carb.

Ditto to Crud!

Clean IT OUT!

I raced my buddies Raptor and all i have is a Supertrap slip on, 2000 Xr600r. He would always get me off the line, cause i was spinning real bad, probably should have launched in second looking back on it. But after about second gear i would absolutely fly around him and by the time i let off he would be a couple hundred feet behind me, racing probably 1/2 mile. The fun thing to do is let him get ahead and think he is getting ya, and then fly around him. I find that to be extra humiliating. Or ride next to him as if you guys are dead even, (when really you are at like half throttle) and then look over and twist it the rest of the way. I have yet to race him on my YZ250 but i suspect a massacre yet again. I also want to race my 600 against my 250. I think the 250 would pull it until about 50 maybe, and then i have to believe the 600 would come out on top. Since the YZ does about 80mph going downhill and my uncle clocked my 600 ( he was the previous owner) at about 95mph. Anyway smoke that Raptor, and then make sure you demoralize him afterward by calling him a fag

So they are still letting peolpe ride behind the theater? I have not rode there in a couple of years. How do you like your 600r? I was looking for one but ended up with a 650r. Were at in katy do you live? Anyway I hope you get the carb worked out.



Bike has an in-line filter already installed.

As far as I know you can still ride by the theater. I don't live in Katy, but I was out there with a friend riding. There were several other people out there riding as well and no one said anything. They are going to be building a new mall on that side in the future so I guess we will have to ride until they start developing it.

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