better handles????????

any advise from a pig rider "L", would be sweet. looking for a better handle bar. im 6'5", dont like stock bar. suggestions?:applause::lol: :lol:

Im 6.6, here is what I did:

Buy an applied top triple clamp (to move the bars forward) $100

Buy the tallest applied 7/8 inch risers (to get the bars up) $40

Buy a 7/8 to 1" adapter clamp kit (add'l 3/4 inch and big bar) $25

This will raise the bottom of your bars way up! Then ...

Buy Renthal Ricky Carmical High bend big bars(another 4" raise!) $75

Now.. you can stand up without leaning over, It's great!!!

but it is going to cost you a bit!!

The good thing is you can take the bars and risers with you to your next bike....


Did you have to change the cables after all this?

No I did not buy new cables, but you need to route them so the cables now all go behend the top triple clamp (nearer the gas tank).

BTW: Their is a cheaper way..

There is a guy on the internet that sells nice quality "garage machined" riser adapters that move the bars up and out from the stock triple clamp mounts.

Search google or altavista for "bar mounts or riser" you should find him.

If you can't find him, I believe I have him bookmarked on another computer.

I went the deluxe way and bought everything, but you could go this way as well...

I just put a set of the tusk universal bar risers on this weekend, best $20 I ever spent.:applause:

I read somewhere that atv bars have more rise and verified by looking at the specs on dennis kirk, you can get 4" ones. The tusk bar risers raise them about 1-3/4".:eek:

I have just ordered anti vibration risers from ROX. They make standard ones that are perfect. If I had to do it over again I would get them. I am 6 5. The ROX risers not only come in different heights, but will rotate forward or back. Perfect! Look into them. No need for new bars or any of the other stuff. Just risers. Perfect!

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