Starting issue

Stopped to help a friend after a nasty spill and laid my bike down to help tend to him. He ended up with a concussion and was out for several minutes...all is ok although he will take a break for a couple of weeks.

After letting the bike sit for about 10 minutes on its side (left) I tried in vain to start it. Ended up having to walk it back to my truck. 07 yz450 - Any advice here for the future would be appreciated. Did it flood? Any tricks to getting one started in this condition?

After it sat for about ten minutes it started on about the 5th kick. Rode later in the day and didn't have any issues.

You flooded it. Always remember to shut the gas off when you lay the bike down, as the carb float looses its ability to control the float level on the horizontal.

If flooded, open the throttle all the way and hold it there. Don't wiggle it around, just hold it open and crank the engine through a few times slowly. Except for the shot of gas it gets from the accelerator pump when you first open the throttle, no fuel will be delivered while doing this, because the wide open throttle will defeat all intake vacuum, and only air will be pumped through the combustion chamber. Keep the throttle open for a solid minute. Then, roll it part way closed until it's a little above idle and crank it. If it doesn't start, proceed with a normal stating routine. Don't be afraid to try cracking the throttle open some, up to maybe 1/4 throttle (not 1/4 turn), as this will encourage a partly flooded engine to re-light.

shut of the petcock before you lay it down. then when you first kick it over just do it gently a few times (not really trying to start just bringing it through the stroke) then give it a good kick and you should be all set. If you had an older yzf it is something like the drill you had to go through to find TDC to get it to fire back up.

And also when you get done riding or every time you stop the bike for long periods of time like 15min or longer turn the gas off. And any time you are hauling the bike in a trailer or truck make sure the gas is tured off to prevent floodings.

Thanks for the replies. I haven't laid the bike down before and haven't had to recover it from being flooded. Thanks all.

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