Max Temp 650R

Installed a Vapor on bike and can now monitor temp. When riding in N. Cal. during winter (45 to 70F) typically runs around 160 to 175F. When idiling and crawling through rocks for aboue five minutes it rose to 270F before I took it for a ride to cool off before shutting down. What is considered safe? :applause:

I just bought an R and I'm curious about this also. I have the directions to install a cooling fan on the radiator. Has anyone done this and does it help out at all?

I'd say 270 is too high. I do some automotive testing, and the big OEMs typically spec their max coolant temp at about 250.

Since you live in California and freezing isn't an issue consider changing to a mix of 70% water/30% antifreeze; it helps to transfer heat out of the engine faster.

Vapor on my XRR has recorder max at 239 in central FL heat at slow speed in tight woods.

I own the vapor too and I have notice that the water temp is not accurate, I had some reading over 400F , a bit too high for water ??, its a good computer but I don't trust its accuracy as far as water temp, I order a fan for my XR but don't know if that will make a big change.


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