Well I've searched the arcives and may have the answer, but I'm going to ask again anyway.. I'm in Southern Baja, Mexico and have had some minor problems with overheating my 01 WR426.. If I'm working technical stuff with deep sand and rocks that keep me going slow, the radiator starts gurgling and boiling.. I stop and let it cool down cause AAA towing is kinda slow to respond down here..Some of you So. Cal. desert guys must have the same problem.. Do you keep riding? Is the answer the higher pressure cap?Don't want to fry it parts are a long way away. Thanks

01 Wr426 lid off airbox, grey wire cut, vortip,scotts damper with protapers and triple clamps, terry hot start, ceet,works conection radiator guard, panaram soeedo

I would go with the 1.6 or 1.8 cap and try Engine Ice coolant. I overheat my 98 all the time and usually keep going depending on how bad it is. I just ordered a waterpump impellar of off a 2000 model to try and help my problem but that won't work for your 01. If you are in Southern Baja right now I'm jealous. Where are you? Eric

I was surprised at the diffrence engine ice made. I was worried about the ole snake oil routine..For best results. Drain you system, refill with a 50/50 mix of vinager and distiled H20, this will clean the walls of ole blue's innard's. run bike around abit, drain, refill with straight distiled H2O, run bike to flush, Drain again, and finally refill with engine ice. Mr. engine ice himself said thats the best way to do it unless your bike is new. Then just drain & replace. Awhile back there was a very good and long thread regarding this product on the WR250 side..Now how do you get either the cap or coolant or both in Mexico?


Thanks, I'll try the engine ice and then the cap if needed... Yes it's nice being down here in Baja, I'm really lucky to be able to spend the WINTERS. I'm in Los Barriles, which is 60 miles from Cabo San Lucas on the tip of Baja.. I have to get someone to bring parts down, it's very hard to get them here, new bike parts are impossible..

Riding here is incredible, as is wind surfing which we do a lot of... Watch out for those green trees with all the sharp things sticking out!!!

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