using loc tite

I lost one of the mounts for my handgurds, probly from the exhuast vibrating so much. I just got a set a Dirt bagz and new mounts for the hand gaurds. Which grade of loctite do I use on each? (I've never used the stuff before) How much to apply? Is it applied where the nut will come to rest on the bolt or after the edge of the nut to stop it from going past. Pictures anybody... How is the bolt loosened later if need be? Didn't see anything but CS nut answers in my search. Thanks in advance.

Loctite is a trade name of a liquid plastic that cures in the absence of air to a hard compound. It comes in lots of grades but for home use there is red and blue available in most auto parts stores. Red is stronger than blue but regardlss of what it says on the bottle red is not permanent. For your application blue is fine. You generally apply it to the threads of the bolt or screw. 1 or 2 drops is all that is needed. Apply so the Loctite is inside the threaded joint. It "wicks" in so application is not real critical. Excess will not cure and wipes or washes off. It is good stuff. You will like it.

Which grade of loctite do I use on each? (I've never used the stuff before)
Really? What that should change. There practically isn't a bolt or nut on your bike that you don't want to get into the habit of applying blue loctite to.

Go to the auto store. It comes in little tubes. Like Noble said, one or two drops is all you need, but I always end up slobbering the stuff all over the threads. You'll be able to remove bolts and nuts that have had the blue loctite applied to them without any problem. They just won't vibrate loose anymore.

Good advice. Like today, when I looked down and saw my Vapor moving around. My first thought was, "Rats, I MEANT to add blue loctite to those two little screws". Fortunately, I caught them just before they dropped out onto the trail somewhere.:applause:

Use the blue everywhere. No problem getting the nuts/bolts loose, but they don't do it themselves, like today.:eek:

yep learnt the hard way lost three bolts off my new SM already only had it about two and half months i also use those new washers (suppose to not come undone without force two washers back to back with like grovees on them sold as one washer(set))

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