15 tooth sproket on 426

Has anyone run a 15 tooth sprocket on their YZ426? Going down to Baja in May and looking for a different setup than the 14/48 setup I ran last year. I did a search but they mostly came up about 450's. Will the 15 tooth fit and has anyone ran it. Thanks:thumbsup:

My 2002 YZ426 had a 15 front and 47 rear on it when I bought it last year. The previous owner just rode it to work and back, so he liked the speed. For high speed desert running it would be great, but I needed some more low end for the singletrack sections I ride here. I went all the way down to a 13/51, and it works great for technical sections. I miss the top end speed, though. The 15/47 combo seemed to work fine for the short period of time I had it.

Thanks for the reply. I run 13/50 on the trails and it's great. Sounds like the 15 tooth will work great and I'll probably run it with 48 rear so that should work nice. Thanks again.

i run a 15/49 on 04 450 and its great

Here you go :applause:

I have an '01 426 with 15/47 gearing. I ride / race desert in and around Southern Nevada and it works GREAT!! Granted, the Rekluse takes care of business for me in the tight stuff, but I find the spread between the gears suits me just fine. :lol: It is a little tall when I'm putting with my 8 year old on his 65, and I will drop back to the 14/47 if the races don't have much high speed stuff and are more technical. The only other time change the gearing, is when I go out "Billy Goat" trail riding (13/50) in Nelson Hills or Black Mountain!

For Baja, bump up to the 15! You'll be glad you did! :eek:

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