Glide plate/skid plate,which one?

For a 2006 yfz450; need a plate that protects/cover's frame rails,which one

is the best,Devol,Works connection,or Yamaha's GYT...I'm looking for a Plate

that actually "FITS" properly,no hassle's,and can drain oil without removing plate.:applause: also,when you install aftermarket plate,do you remove stock

plate that's already on bike?? :lol: THX ED

I have the Works Connection. It fits great and does have the hole for oil draining however, I remove it and clean the foam piece when I change the oil.

I have the GYTR Skid Plate and the GYTR Glide Plate with Water Pump cover. Both fit with no issues and you can drain oil with no problems. If you are going to be in the woods banging of rocks and stumps I would recommend the Skid for better coverage. I am doing 100% mx now so the glide works best for me.

I have the gytr enduro skid plate for my '06.


You can see the drain holes, although I find it is less messy to remove it first to drain the oil. The holes all line up perfectly BUT it takes a pretty herculean effort to push the plate up against the frame so that the bolts can reach the threads. I've never been able to kneal next to the bike and put it on, I always end up laying underneath and pushing up hard to get the bolts started.

There is no plate to remove before putting on an aftermarket because they don't come with one stock.

There is no plate to remove before putting on an aftermarket because they don't come with one stock.
There is on all of them that I've seen.

And yes, it has to come off.

Rooster/wooster,thanks for the pic,but YZF450 comes with a stock plate

but it doesn't cover lower frame rails,Yamaha make's 2 types,glide plate

which list for $70,and skid plate(pic's you showed) for $110,who sells

GYT parts other then a Yamaha dealer? THX ED

It can be hard to find that out, but GYT-R parts are not made by Yamaha, generally. If you can determine who manufactures them, you can shop. But, their clutch components are or were Hinson for many years, and are cheaper through Yamaha than under the Hinson name. May not hold true universally, though.

Oops my mistake. I stand corrected. I do remember taking it off now before I put on the gytr.

I use WC glide plate on my 06 yz but just for motocross on my woods 04 yz i use a e line skid plate

Got them both on today.



I run the devol and am well pleased with it. Made the engine noise louder though.

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