NorCal - Have you been to Knoxville??

Hey Northern Californians,

Has anybody ridden at Knoxville (napa county)? Is it any good? How is the law enforcement? What is the best way to get there from the East Bay Area?

I live near there ( Lake Berryessa ). Not to good as far as my experience there goes. It appears that it may have been used in the past a bit but all you seem to find now are overgrown trails. It seems mainly to be a 4x4 area but maybe there are some secret trails I don't know about.

Oh yeh, My buddy calls it Rocksville!

Rocks and more Rocks and then theres the rocks,I havn't riden there in about 10 years didn't find it that good, but could have change by now.Best way there is the same way you go to lake Beeryssae (spelling)drive all the way around the lake past all the resorts the road will trun into a drit road and about 7miles there you are.But it has been 10 years seens I been there so things could have changed.


Thanks for the info. I saw the place on a some websites "places to ride" page and thought that it was pretty wierd that I had never heard of anybody riding there since it is only about an hour and a half from where I live. I've had my fill of rocks for a while thanks to the Prarie City GP.

Folks I've asked about Rocksville say it's not worth the drive - go to Cow Mtn, Stonyford or Middle Creek.



I've been to Stoneyford, but tell me about Cow Mtn and Middle Creek. I have seen Cow Mtn on the map and it is a little far for a day trip for me. Where is Middle Creek.

BFLee Mrgadget (formally MICHAEL) from San Ramon one of his sons, myself and a couple others are going to Foresthill on Feb 2nd for a casual ride. If weather gets bad (snow in the mountains) will most likely go to Hollister. Let us know if your interested.

Ride Often, Ride Safe and Have Fun :)


Middle Creek is also known as CC Camp or Penny Pines. It's about 8 miles north of Upper Lake - Hwy 20 ~ 20 miles east of Ukiah. It is the OHV area on the west side of the Mendocino NF, Stonyford is on the east side of the Mendocino NF. There is an OHV corridor connecting the two areas.

It's 1.5 hours from my house in Santa Rosa to Middle Creek CG.


Brian is that with the dog or without? on that time factor.

monty :)


Thanks for the info. How does the terrain compare to Stoneyford?

Unkle Moose,

I will keep ForrestHill in mind. I was planning on racing the OTHG mx at Hollister on Sunday the 3rd, but I have always wanted to check out ForrestHill. And my wife is bugging me to have our annual Super Bowl party. I told to to have it without me, I might be home by halftime...

I've only ridden Stonyford a couple of times so take my opinion with a grain of salt...

Middle Creek is easier/better groomed than Stonyford IMO - not necessarily better or worse. A lot of the trails are quad trails so the are virual freeways for the bikes. Stonyford seemed to have more bike trails and thus be the more challenging area. Monty, what do you think?


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