'07 YZ450 Jetting w/ new Dubach Pipe

I know there are a few people with the new 2007 Dubach exhaust. I just ordered the new exhaust system for my 2007 YZ450 and I was wondering about jetting specs with the new pipe. With the stock exhaust, the stock jetting seemed just fine. I live on the California central coast. Thanks!

I too have the DR. D pipe, and I'm running a 45p with a 168m fuel screw at 2 1/8 turns out. I live in Vegas and the jetting seems to be pretty good. Hope this helps.

165/45/needle in #4

OH forgot to mention that the needle was at #4 as well

i run the dubach full with a uni filter, R&D fuel screw, R&D quick shot and a 170/48. i also run 1:3 ratio of VP C12 and 91 pump gas. i fine tune it for elevation a bit with the screw every now and then and it runs great. smokes in the dunes. runs great on the track and with a good clutch hand is a blast on single track.

Running 168 main 48 pilot neddle in stock postion ,have rode from Jawbone to Saboba with no issues. Stock felt lean and would not always start on first kick.Pilot air always adjusting to ride area.

Isn't there jetting specs on thier site?

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