Help, Dealer is quoting 3 hours for a valve adjust

...and I know it's a half hour job. :applause:

I've done it several times myself, it's really not that hard.

I took just the head in to them a year ago to replace all of the valves and seats. That was the only part of the rebuild I was unsure of and wanted done right. Well, they didn't put a valve in right and it started hard from then on. More on that mistake later, but first:

How long should it take to

shim 1 valve and put the cam back in 30m

check for compression 10m

pull the head 30m

replace all 3 intake valves 1 hr

put it all back together 1 hr

That's how long I think it would take if I did it. Does that sound about right? ~3 hours to replace the intake valves?

That's about how long it takes me, but I make sure everything is clean before turning any wrenches. I don't want even a single grain of sand to fall off the frame or wiring harness into the engine. Whenever someone says a job takes 15 minutes, it's usually a couple hours for me. But I like to take my time because it seems anytime I rush a job, things go wrong and I get frustrated and it ends up taking the same amount of time anyway.

Anyhow, if you've done it before in 30 minutes, why not just do it again yourself?

I had the Dealer put in new intake valves and something didn't go right and I've been adjusting them left and right for the last year and it still starts hard. I didn't want to bring them another 'head in a box' and go through that again ,so I took them the whole bike so they could replace the valves.

I did some searching here and I see the going price for a valve adjust should be $65 - $100 + whatever we settle on for them fixing their incorrectly installed valve. I just hope to get my bike back without having to give up my firstborn.

May I ask where you took it to?

I don't want to flame them online before giving them a chance to make it right. They've been good to me before and I just want to make sure I have all my info straight before going back to get the bike.

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