Fork leak

The left front fork has continued to leak on my YZ426. I could not find any scratches or marks on the forks.

I had a shop replace the seals and fork oil. I rode the bike once and it leaked again. I returned the bike to the shop and they replaced the seals again. After that repair, the forks did not leak until I had ridden the bike a couple times.

Any ideas on the cause? Could it be the bushings or faulty work on the shop?

probably cheap seals. you should think about buying some fork valve bleeders. you can buy them at your local dirtbike shop. they cost around $20 but have saved my seals for a long time. all you do is replace the bleeder skrew with the pressure bleeders and when you load your bike on the trailer or truck (after you sinch it down) press the bleeders and excess air pressure will release from the fork tubes. the are my by motion pro.

heres what they look like (different brand though)


It seems like I get leaky seals after every couple of rides, too. I pop the dust seal off and clean around the oil seal. It usually does the trick.

Grayracer also taught me a little trick of trade. Pack grease between the oil seal and dust seal. So far it has cured my leaky seals. It is definitely worth a try.

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