Ti valve fyi.

Hi guys,

I have an 01 that I just fussed with some and anyways I ported it and did a serdi valve job part of which included facing the oe ti valves.

After 50 dyno runs and 1400 miles of wfo running in baja I pulled it back down.

The valve face errosion was conciderable and I would have to say that it is not a good idea longevity wise to face the oe valves.

replace not face.

I am going to put a set of Precision Machine Black diamond valves in my bike and forget about it.

The ti valve thing I think is a marketing hoax.

They still use steel retainers so how concerned with valve mass were they really?

The cam is the same as well, I ran both the ti valve cam and the pre ti valve cam on the cam doctor and they come up the same.

Just my humble experience, I hope it saves someone else the trouble.


I would be interested in the weight of the oem steel, ti, and aftermarket steel valves. Are you concerned about valve float with the lighter springs and steel valves? Or will you use the 2000 and earlier springs?

The seat pressure is 75lbs with the 01 springs.

I have a 97mm (440) big bore that runs out of air at 8k, so valve float is not really an issue for me.

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