Oil Pump Problems?


I'm looking at an XR650L and I've heard that there are problems with the oil pump failing. Is this true? I don't see any thing here on this forum that would lead me to believe that their is a serious defect with the oil pump that would greatly reduce the reliability of these bikes. I had an 85 XL650 and it was bullet proof (except for a bad ignition box)



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Thanks Motosprtman, that's what I was thinking. It's just that I heard these rumors, and had a hard time believing them, especially given the bike's long history, and the positive experience I had with my 85'er. My problem with the ignition was that the local Honda dealer refused to follow Honda's Service Manual procedure to test for a bad ignition box, by swaping with a known good one. They had $2000+ in labor and still no solution other than replace the Supertrapp exhaust with a stock. Ugh. I told them to keep it and give me that leftover DR350 for $2700.



Never heard of blowing 650l cause of oil pump failure...Never.


Perhaps what you heard was a twisted tale of a failure caused by someone not priming the pump.


Perhaps what you heard was a twisted tale of a failure caused by someone not priming the pump.


I have heard of one failure of this type. It was a 600 and it broke up third gear into a bunch of little pieces. The gear was replaced and all appeared OK. However, the engine soon failed again. The problem was that gear bits got into the oil pump and damaged the rotors.

So check the oil pump whenever a engine failure releases metal bits into the engine.

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