One More Seal

I have leaking fork seals for the 5th time in as many months every time I race. I am hearing this is a problem with the 06 450. Has Yamaha put out a solution? or do I need to rebuild the outer forks and clean the seals every month. I had a 03 and they never gave any trouble. I have used oem and moose replacements. I stayed on the phone with yamaha surport for 15 min and did not get a solution.:

From what I've heard (I don't have an 06), Factory Connection seals last longer than the OEM seals do.

The reason that do is because they use a thinner washer between the lower bushing and the oil seal, this allows for the use of a thicker oil seal.

I recently installed the Factory Connection seals in my 06. I haven't tried them out yet, but I can tell ya that the seals are a much snugger fit to the inner shaft. For me, every time I rode in the sand with the oem seals, I would have a leak by the end of the day. I'm going to try out those seal savers and see if they help.

I've used 3 sets of MSR seals in 3 different '06's, and although it's still a little soon yet to call them a cure, none has leaked since I installed them. These seals have much more aggressive, stronger lips than the OEM stuff. In particular, the dust seal is much more aggressive. We'll see how they work out.

Do Yamahas in general have bad fork seal problems in general, or is this just an 06 problem?:applause: I don't remember my brother's 426 or my CR250 leaking/blowing a seal at all?

With all the problems people have had on seals, I'm sure it's a safe usumption to say that the yamaha seals arn't the greatest in the world, but to replace the seals 5 or 6 times a year sounds like mis-aligned front forks, or a poor job cleaning the shocks. The book calls for removing the dust seals after every day of riding and cleaning them out along with adding Lithium grease and replacing. I'm sure we're not all doing this every weekend (I don't). And maybe I've just been luckey with my wheel alignment because I haven't had a leaky seal yet, but just like we take time to align the rear wheel, we need to spend time to ensure the front end is squared up as well.:applause:

Good Luck to all with leaky seals:prof:


The OEM seal has a very "short" lip, no secondary lip, and very little protective, anti-intrusion lip (the one on the outside edge of the seal, that keeps stuff out). That would make them more sensitive to everything you just mentioned. Your advice is quite sound, but I still think that the OEM seals need an upgrade in addition to the precautions you've outlined. Fact is, as I think of it, the '04 seal is far better. It may be interchangeable; MSR does not differentiate beyond "48mm KYB".

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