Engine seized in 5th..


I already know that I'm going to get a bunch of different ideas from reading all the other "engine died" threads through here, but this is what happened.

So I had bought a '99 WR400, ran good, once I learned "the ritual" to start it fired right up first kick. This morning I re-routed the decomp lever to stop it from cutting off the engine when the bars were locked to the right.

I rode it for 20 minutes or so, 90 percent street riding, from 2nd to 4th, alittle of 5th gear. I parked it for about 20 minutes, rode it again for maybe 15 minutes, got it up on a long straight away, ran it full throttle from 2nd into 5th. It seemed in 5th that it wasn't going to get any more oomph.. felt maybe 70 mph, revs were consistent, steady motor noise, then it was like I backed off the throttle, the bike started slowing down, I let off the gas and pulled in the clutch, the engine was off, I did try to let out the clutch and see if it would bump start but nothing.

When I got it stopped the kickstart was super tough to even try to kick with the decomp lever pulled in. I pulled out the hotstart button, tried to kick it but nothing.

So after a few mile walk home I went back and picked it up, it looks like maybe there was a quarter size drop of oil underneath it, and I've never noticed it leaking before.

Basically I'm just looking for ideas. I was planning on rebuilding the engine to 426 specs with auto compression and so on, I was just hoping to ride it for awhile first.

Time to take it apart...do a search on my username to see how it went for me...I also decided to move to the 426 parts....

Post up your progress, I'm sure some of the guys here will be able to help...

I wonder if a piece of the throttle slide plate broke off and got ingested into the motor - common problem. Check the carb slide plate.

Will do, I'm taking it to a friend of mine's this weekend as "hopefully" he said he has experience taking about bike engines.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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