Rattlesnake cross breeding in So. Cal.

Just a heads up. In the areas around Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley and Barstow the BLM and the US Forrest Service have found that there has been cross breeding between the Mojave Green and the Southwest Diamondback rattlesnakes.

Near Wrightwood a man was bit by what was thought to be a Southwest rattler. When he got to the hospital, the antidote(sp) was not effective. As his condition worsened, they tested further. They found he had Mojave Green venom in his blood. He was treated and eventually recovered.

After finding out this info, the Rangers in that area caught several snakes and tested them. They found out that 25% of the snakes they caught had both toxins in their venom. That is scary!! What is even more scary is the fact that Mojave Green anti-venom supply is at an all time low.

Although it is not usually a problem at this time of the year, please be careful when traveling up to these parts. Spring and summer will be here soon and we all know what that means.


up here in north idaho we have to worry about cougars and grizzlies attacking us. That is why we never stop. lol just kidding. so is the new name for the new breed called a southwestern greenback. Maybe the new breed will like to attack illegal aliens who cross the border down there. Could make the border patrols jobs easier. just a thought

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Down here in the Ozarks, you have to listen for banjos.

If you hear them go the other way. If you dont, your looking at another sure fire episode of "Deliverance". :)

I was stationed at George Air Force Base years ago and we used to catch Mojave Green's alive and take them to Lomalinda (sp) for milking. This was a pretty good way to make beer money. We used to get $50-$60 a snake.

If you can find some place that accepts snakes to make anti-venom I can tell you how to make a catching pole and how we used to cath and transport them.

Then you too can have some funny stories to tell about the CHP who stopped you and wanted to know what was in the bag that was in the back of the truck!!! All I had to do was shake the bag and he got the picture.

Whoa! Ernie,

You Scared the cra% out of me!!

I thought Diane Feinstein was reproducing!! :)


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Do I detect a note of animosity in your post? Ha! I guess if the shoe fits, she should wear it. When you embrace the policies the Honorable Ms Feinstein has, you should expect some opposition.


Originally posted by SoCalWR426:

I thought Diane Feinstein was reproducing

That is funny!!...and makes me scared to think it could happen. :)


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