Yamaha WR450 from Europe "gray wire"

Hi guys I was looking at all forum but I could not find any solution.

I'v got WR450 2006 (5TJC) and I'd like to ask you can u help me find this gray wire which I should disconected. The picture would be great, or mayby there is no gray wire on bikes from europe ?

Because I just given my to the mechanick to the first time and I ask him that he can unblock it, and I know he will do for me throttle stop, idle it remove this thing from exchaust and thats it, he dosent know ( I guess) anything about removing AIS or making some holes in air filter box and not mention about gray wire. I will remove by my self AIS, and make some holes in filter box but I'd like to know whre is this gray wire...

I will be really graceful for any help..

sorry for my english :-( ...



Hi mines a 06 Euro version..

The Euro has a grey wire.

The USA version has different wiring to the CDI for neutral but pretty much all the OEM CDIs have the grey wire. the pic below is with the CDI removed. Of course leave it on the bike for the mod-

See below:


Just push the wire out of the connector witha tiny screw driver - there is a tiny palstic clip that holds it.

Tape the wire.

push the connector back together.

silicon or waterproof the connector.

Job Done.

Much better mid- top end power.


what does this grey wire do? I hate that there is no search button here...

what does this grey wire do? I hate that there is no search button here...

Check out the WR FAQs and buddy in post above also mentioned the benefit... better mid-top end power...




who just bought himself a spanking new EURO 06 WR450 and is gonna turn the slug into a beast ASAP! Although getting parts in Slovenia is a biotch!

and for the european 2007 model year.. is the grey wire mod.. ok?

regards, fLAVIO

"OneToGo" thanks for help, now its the BEAST :-D I just take back my bike from mechanick and its run great I made by myself the gray wire mod. No only what I can do later to change exchaust. But for me its runs great right now 100% difrent bike than before.

The mechanick had a litte problems with jeting bike on idle the bike was star on choke after I turn of choke its die when I just touch the throtle :-( but after I say him its cant be like this he change something and now is much beter.



You are welcome Akiraone.

Not sure about the 07 Falvio, Yamaha changed the motor in the 07 to that of the 06 YZ.

The 03-06 WR motors and 03-05 YZ were similar.

Yamaha modded the CDI with grey wire in 05 and 06 I think.

The wire EARTHS a CDI map with way more advance from around 4500rpm. Cutting or disconnecting the wire forces this otherwise inaccecable map to become the "default" on CDI power up.

Some put a swtich in to chnage between the two maps. BUT the bike has to be powered down and restarted to make use of this feature.

I have a Vortex CDI with on the go swtichable maps. Gives youa chice of two active maps.

Next, GET or make the existing end can freer (exhaust). Do a search. The header is fine.

Sort the jetting, tweak the suspenders, handguards and enjoy..


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