07 Speedo, blocked off wires?? What are they??

Can anybody tell me what the 6, I think it is, blocked of wires comming out of the speedo are for?? This is on an 07 wr 450

This is on an Australian model but I recon they will all be the same. The manual only shows the race and normal mode. But on the speedo is a group of wires, comming out of the back going into a plug and then it is blocked off.

Maybe somwhere there is a switch like the KTM to open up stuff, like a lap counter?? or am I imagining this. Can you please look to see if you can find this plug on your 07.




My guess is it is for a handlebar mounted control for advancing/reducing your mileage/time when doing enduros and other timed events.

wires are black green yellow brown ??? times up BLINKERS there is a left and right indecator light in the speedo

i have a yamaha wrf 07 competition service bulletin which says to cut grey wire on back of speedo to access race mode timer and trip meter etc as detailed in the owners service manual. i havent tried myself yet.

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