XR600 Valve cover gasket metal????

I have noticed that I have some seepage of oil coming from the valve cover.

My xr is an 87 , are all these valve cover gaskets metal??????

I called dealer and he wanted 25.00 just for the gasket...SO I looked on ebay and have found both, Metal and some type of gasket material...

Which is best,,,??????



I have had the same problem on my 91 600. I always use the metal gasket; thats what came out so thats what I put in. But probobly the most importent thing is that you eliminate the seepage, I don't think there is very much presure in there (if any) so another material may work fine. Carful when you torq those bolts back down, those aluminum threads in the head get very brittle. I have like 3-4 hela-coils in my head.


Antiseize the bolts by the sparkplug well, what a pain.:applause: I don't trust my 3/8" craftsman clicker on something that small, I just do it by feel.

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