07 rotors

does the 07 front rotor fit on the older wheels specifically 05? saw one at the shop yesterday and the rotors are quite nice!

Tell me why they wouldn't. :eek:

(the hubs are the same) :lol::applause:

yeah, i have swapped out the front and rear wheels from my dad's '05 YZ450 and my '07 450 (only if my dad had newer tires). The rotors and sprocket fit identically.

thanx guys,now to see what the damages to the wallet are gonna be:ride:

the wave rotors work really well in the constant mud we have here,got it for $80 from my wholesale dealer;alot better than $120 for galfer or braking:thumbsup:

we'll see if it holds up as good against the galfer its replacing,it lasted 2 seasons.

Not sure OTOMH about the Galfer, but Braking and EBC rotors gain some braking performance through the use of carbon steel, as opposed to stainless. The penalty for this, other than the obvious vulnerability to rust, is faster wear. The OEM stainless rotor may require more lever effort, but it should last longer.

I can't speak for longevity, but they are the touchiest brakes I have seen on a dirt bike.

i'm pretty sure the galfer is stainless as i've never seen it rust,so that shouldn't change anything:thumbsup:

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