XR600R Thumb throttle

Has anyone ever tried putting a thumb throttle on their XR600 with stock carb? I am converting my '93 XR600 to a drag three wheeler since I already have a few other bikes, and I'd kind of like to use a thumb throttle because it gives me better control while riding a wheelie. I have thought about taking off the push cable and modifying the pull cable to fit into an ATC350X thumb throttle (the trike I'm using as a donor). What problems happen when you don't use the push cable? Thanks for any help,


You can dump the push cable. I think that it is a lawyer driven design.

Thanks for the reply. I kind of thought the same thing... If anyone else has any ideas on this, or if anyone has mounted a single cable throttle I'd love to hear how it goes. I'm still waiting on my main bearings before I can get this thing together, I'm hoping it'll be tearing up the sand by Easter, though it probably won't be running on the blue bottle until after I can get it on a dyno. Thanks,


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