Spanner wrench?

I found one at motion pro but it didnt say what size it was.I'm sure there not all the same are they?Make a long story short,there is no way i can use a punch on the shock collar to set sag.Moved it a little and then nothing.I guess this is why they say to use the right tool for the job:thumbsup:

If you wanted to use one, you would probably have to remove the rear subframe to get acess to use the tool.

Are you sure you are turning the collar the correct way? I havent had a problem with a punch and hammer. If's also a good idea to make sure the threads are clean and free of dirt. If it's really bad, penetrating lubs on the threads would work as well...

1) You understand that you first have to loosen the lock ring, right? Looking from the top, turn it counter-clockwise.

2) Be sure you're doing it with the bike on the stand to take the load off the spring as much as possible.

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