Rear suspension grease fittings

Thanks a bunch Yamakaze. No doubt about it I have one seized bearing. I knew that when I posted. I was just looking for any shortcuts that anyone might have to remove those bearings and seals. If I purchase one of those high tech bearing tools will it remove the seal also? Do those of you who disassemble their rear suspension for lubrication remove the bearings every time or just work some grease into the needle bearings? I can't decide whether to install zerks or not, but if I do Yamaha Dude and I are looking for the same thing. In his words: "I too am interested in fitting a bunch of grease nipples to the bike at various points... headstem bearings, swing arm and linkages... Anyone done this and have some details/tips/photos... I recall that someones signature mentioned it, but forget who it was now... I think this could be a mod that a lot of people would like to do..." Thanks

Taffy from the UK did it. Don't recall any photos from earlier posts, though. He might have something to send you guys...

No need for special tools! I removed and refitted all my swingarm and linkage bearings using no more than a length of M10 threaded bar and a few half inch drive sockets and large washers. Cost next to nothing.

I thought it was Taffy's Sig that had that ... I would be happy to write it up with some photos for the tech section, and/or Motomans site...

I just want some pointers, but it does look a fairly straightforward job, just measure twice before drilling...


If you take some pics and/or a write up...I will post in on my site! Email me at and let me know! I have been thinking about doing zerk fittings too...because taking the linkage and swingarm off every other month is a pain! Thanks,


I've installed grease fittings in the linkage and swingarm. the linkage bolts are hollow so I drilled a hole thru the side of the bolt, put a helicoil in the end of the bolt so I could install a 6mm zerk. the swingarm has to be drilled thru the pivot point between the 2 bearings on each side, and install zerk. If you are interested give me your address and I can mail you some pictures, my home computer is down so I can't scan any pictures. mike

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