07 Clickers / settings

Just bought an 07 YZF450, going adjust both sags w/stock spring. Can any harescramble riders out there give me their recomendations on their front and rear settings.

I have an Ironman 51T sprocket, 9oz. flywheel and a G2 throttle ass'y on it. I weigh 160 w/o gear.

( Thanks in advance! )

I race hare scrambles as well. Set your comprettion on both about 4 to 6 clicks softer or 10 clicks out from hard and set your rebound at 9 to 11 clicks out from hard. Give that a try especially if you have choppy courses.

I weigh more than you so I set my compretion at 4 clicks softer.

for your comprettion you should bottom out once or twice per lap.

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