1983 xr500

I just got an 83 xr500, and I have only one problem. when I start it up, it idles ok with the choke on, I cant give it full throttle, or else it coughs and backfires, the when I turn the choke off, it wont even idle, it just makes this sneeze sound until it dies. when I spray carb cleaner in it, it runs grand, and I feel like I did some good. then when you leave it for a while, and come back, it runs like crap again. I bought new clamps for the carbs, and I patched one hole in the airbox. I really cant figure it out:confused:

You are going to need to take that carb out and clean it. Sounds like the pilot circuit is blocked. That's why it will not idle. Old gas turns into gel and clogs up the works. Use that carb spray with the little tube and make sure that the jets ans all the passageways inside the carb are clean and flow good.

the phillips screws on the bottom are totally stripped out, like the guy I bought it from tried to clean it, and stripped them.:applause:

Welcome to the wonderful world of old bikes. If you have a Demel tool, use a cutoff disc and cut a slot into the top of the screw. You can then use a straight blade screwdriver in the slot to unscrew the screw. A small vice grip is also worth a try. I have used both methods on these kind of screws.

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