Hate to do this but... '01WR426 for sale..

Looks like things are changing for me. I will not have the time to devote to my wr this upcoming season. So, I would like to sell it now so that someone else can enjoy a full season with it.

I bought it new, and have taken great care of it ever since. It has less than 700 total miles on it. YZ seat and tank (OEM) and a YZ rear fender. I still have the stock WR seat and tank. Bike really is in great condition. Email me if interested. rod248@msn.com

Looking to get $4500 for it. Picture of it is at:




That's a shame Rod, I was hoping to have someone else close to go ride with. Are you going to get another bike or just retire from the best sport in the world? I'll keep my eyes open to find you a buyer.


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