What thread bolts are the kickstand?

I have a 2000 WR400f, and the kickstand isnt on it. I want to put it back because it sux without it, Im too use to having one. Im missing the bolts, the guy I bought it from took it off. does anyone know the thread of the bolts, so i can go to the hardware store and buy some. Thanks

Damn it!, Im an idiot!....I mean the kickstand, not kickstarter. Does anyone know the threads for the KICKSTAND.


The bolt is not so special but the swivel bushing is. Just order both from Yamaha:

#19 thru #23 are Part numbers:

19 - #90101-10738-00 BOLT (5GS5) 1

20 - #90201-112U6-00 WASHER, PLATE (5GS5) 1

21 - #90387-1003G-00 COLLAR (5GS5) 1

22 - #92990-10200-00 WASHER, PLAIN (5GS5) 1

23 - #95617-10100-00 NUT, U (5GS5) 1

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