01 yzf426

how are ? whats good? whats bad? reliabilty? flaws?

Those bikes are super reliable. I rode the snot out of mine for three years and did nothing but changethe oil and check the valve clearance. It needed one clutch. Then I sold it to a friend of a friend. He still races it in the Vet Beginner class and I don't think he's done anything to it!

There are some tips and tricks here and there for those, and you have to live with the fact that it is fairly heavy when compared to the newer bikes. But it's a good bike.

how are ? whats good? whats bad? reliabilty? flaws?

Excellent bikes. Keep the oil and air filter clean and it will last for years. :applause:

Good - Extremely reliable, great power

Bad - A bit on the heavy side

Overall the 426 is a very good bike. For the average rider, it is still competitive with current 450's.

Great power, Easy to maintain but heavy

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