need jetting set up help quick on an 07 wr450f

07 wr450f Okay so I bought the TT ais removal kit thinking it came with the yz throttle stop and all the jets that the other ones came with and found out it doesent. Heres my delema. I now need jetting advice. Heres what I have done to the bike so far.

ais removal

boydson quick shot

fmf mega bomb header and fmf TI powercore exhaust

I need to know all the exact jets and carb parts to order so I can get full potential out of my mods before I put this thing all back together.

Any advice on what exact jeting set up and what to order. Thanks in advance to the jetting gods.

Whats your elevation.

Just a shot in the dark...

170 main

48 pilot

07 YZ needle in the 3 or 4 clip position

40 leak jet w/ O-ring on ap linkage arm

Assuming you opened up the airbox you've got it pretty much set up like a YZ, browse the YZ jetting database for a baseline set up.

yeah the airbox and all yz mods are done. elev is so cal. 1000 to 3000ft but I do baja, kennedy meadows and high desert a lot too. Thanks guys.

I just installed the GYTR 07 WR450 AIS removal/jet kit on my bike. My local dealer just got 10 kits in. Havent put the subframe back on but I'll do that tomorrow after work. Everything came in the kit. So I'll know Sunday after an enduro how it rates.

Looks like all the same stuff the last DirtBike issue had listed.

Block off plate*

Intake plug*

Air box plug*

DTR-4 Needle w/clip*

50 pilot jet

175 Main jet

110 Main air jet*

leak jet*

YZ throttle stop

*Part supplied with kit only and not available separately. (Im sure these numbers were listed in the mag)

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