grasshopper is ready to be taught...

i already know how to ride a dirt bike. i think i know how to ride a four stroke. i wanna learn how to aggressively race one this year.


1)best way to effectively use compression braking?

2)powershifting (w/out clutch) ok, or no way?

3)cornering...clutch in or out?

4)rpms...let it howl the moon, or shortshift?

5)others that i couldn't think of while typing this?

These all aply to both the mx and harescrambles i do. please keep that in mind. i think i finally got the correct attack postion. now,...

if you can answer any of these for me (from a racing, not trailriding, point of view) please speak up.

thanks fellow thumpaholics.


It sounds stupid, but KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE PEGS! It really helps with balance, especially in low speed rocky areas. Putting your foot out when turning is a very bad habit.

Just my 2 cents.

thanks, i may look into that,...

but i'm still open to any help... :)

Can't answer that one...

i don't race, but each track I ride requires a different style of riding.

Clutch? Use it ot not, doesn't matter. Whatever you feel comfortable with

Engine braking? You'll be faced with this everywhere. Big advantage is right hand turns when you're foot is normally sticking out near the front axle, unable to touch the brake.

Scream or lug? The YZ/Wr will do either. Take lap times both ways to know for sure. I really only scream it when I need to hold the gear for a few more feet rather than shifting up, then back down for the next turn. However! Sometimes screaming it a little when close to other rides will throw them off. You can't hear the ring-ding of a 2-smoker next to the THUMP of the YY, so it might confise your opponent (for example not knowing what gear they are in by listening the engine).

Cornering..don't think there's really a standard here. Use the clutch if you want to slip it out of turn. There's enough juice that you don't need the clutch much... I prefer to NOT slip the clutch to save on wear/tear, but I'm not riding for $$ either.

Some thoughts:

1.) Go to a gym and do cardio workouts.

2.) Setup suspension and consider revalving

3.) Don't worry about HP too much, think "smooth" delivery of power.

4.) Stand up as often as possible

5.) Don't deathgrip the bars

6.) Learn to turn w/o the handlebars. IE use body position and push on the pegs to turn. After you know how to lean (different from a street bike) and push on the pegs, combine that with holding your elbows up on turns. You'll be surprised how tightly you can turn when you use all available means.

7.) Don't try to kick too much ass the first year, realize that there will always be someone faster than you.

8.) Watch the fast guys, see the lines they follow.

9.) Be careful on jumps if you haven't already jumped it. Keep ON THE GAS off the ramp. Otherwise you'll nosedive like a B-52.

thanks guys. yeah, some of this might seem like given knowledge, but you'd be suprised what you forget to do once on the bike. keep it coming. hopefully others can benefit from this as much as i can.

Ride with guys that are faster than you (if you can find them) and then keep them in sight as long as you can it doesnt hurt to emulate these faster riders as long as they look like they are in control. Fast and wild doesn't pay off I learned that one the hard way :)


Hello I am a desert racer in Nevada. Ive been ona a bike for one year and doing very well.I got hooked up with a guy how rides over 40 expert last year and have been riding with him eversince. He is SMOOTH and fast. We stand up as much as possible but feel free to rest on ocassion. Practice on things that are HARDER and LONGER than what you think you'll incounter. Invest in two things to make it safer a stabilizer either one. And suspension set up for what you,ll do. When you can short shift to reduce the vibration. Most all uphills I,m in 2 or3. be patient to pass wait for a mistake then go and JUST HAVE FUN. Dan Williams 32t DICKS RACING SUSPENSION AND MOTORS 1-702-641-4002 Las Vegas Nevada, Great Guy recommend to all!!!!!!!!

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