01 426 on the street?

I found an 01 426 for good money on the local craigslist today....I'm thinking of picking it up... but i was looking for a dualsport. this one is tagged but how good is the 426 for street riding? I admit i've done a ton of research on drz's and xr's but i havent really looked into the yz/wr's....

... is this a durable engine for moderate street use, then i can whoop my buddys drz in the woods?

... is it just a bad idea?

Thanks guys


One thing you might wonder is, is this a WR, or a YZ? The difference to you is mostly the WR has a significantly wider ratio trans that will allow better cruising speeds while still using realistic off-road gearing.

It's no XR! But it will smoke them. I have found that Yamaha parts are much cheaper than Honda OEM. If your going to ride on the street at all. Get the WR. YZ gearing is terrible on the street unless you want to tach 8k at 60mph. If it's a good deal, you can put a WR trans in it. If you can't find a used trans, it's an expensive swap to the tune of about $550 for parts.

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